Tip of the Week: Save your AirPort router settings

A few weeks ago, a customer called to report that her AirPort Extreme Base Station stopped working and was preventing her and her husband from logging onto the Internet. She said that since their AEBS was several years old, she purchased a new 802.11n base station (her old one was 802.11g) and wanted help in installation. I agreed to help her complete this task.

My client told me after I arrived onsite that she was unable to install the AirPort Utility software that came with her base station on her PowerPC iMac because her computer operating system (Mac OS X 10.4.11) was too old and wasn’t supported. I said that shouldn’t pose a problem, as I had brought my Snow Leopard laptop with me.

Before disconnecting the old base station from the power outlet and cable modem, I made sure that AirPort was active on the customer’s iMac and that her computer could “see” the router from AirPort Utility. Once that was confirmed, I clicked the Manual Setup button at the bottom of the AirPort dialog box to open up the main configuration screen.

From the AirPort Utility File menu, I clicked on “Export Configuration File” and saved the old settings to my USB flash drive.

I closed out of the AirPort Utility on the iMac and swapped out the old base station for the new. I then activated AirPort on my laptop and opened AirPort Utility from the Utilities menu. I clicked the Manual Setup button and entered my password.

To configure the new AirPort router, I followed the remaining steps listed on the Apple Support Page:

• Choose File > Import, locate the settings file, and then click Open.
• Select which settings you want to import, and then click OK.
• Click Update to make the new settings active.

Afterward, my client tested her iMac to make sure her network and Internet connection were working again.



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2 responses to “Tip of the Week: Save your AirPort router settings

  1. Mario

    Muy util información.

    Muchas Gracias.

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