Synching email across iPhone and multiple Macs

Back in January, one of my customers who is a MobileMe subscriber suddenly lost his ability to auto-sync his Comcast email that he receives on his iPhone with the two Macs (MacBook and iMac) in his work study. Prior to that time, his devices were always synchronized to display exactly the same set of messages in his in-box. Moreover, if he deleted or moved a message to another folder on one device, the change would become readily apparent on his other two devices.

After weeks of frustration and unsatisfying workarounds, my client took matters into his own hands and stopped at the local Apple Store to chat with an Apple employee behind the Genius Bar. Hearing my customer explain his dilemma, the Genius Bar technician initially told him that what he was asking to do was only possible if he was attempting to sync his MobileMe account across all devices, not his Comcast email.

Our Genius Bar hero didn’t give up, however, and tried a different approach. Instead of changing my client’s preferences in, he opened the Comcast mail preference window in Safari and entered my customer’s MobileMe email account in the Mail Forwarding dialog box.

VoilĂ ! The mail forwarding preference adjustment enabled my client to view his in-box and mail folder names in an identical manner across all three devices, just as they did before. Chalk one up for the Apple Store Genius Bar!

[Above screenshot is AT&T Yahoo’s Mail Forwarding dialog box]


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