System crashes after applying Leopard Security Update

Shortly after I applied the Security Update 2010-002 for Mac OS X 10.5, I noticed that some of my applications like AccountEdge 2010 would not open after repeated attempts. In addition, I began to encounter situations where I would ask the Finder to display a new window and my computer screen would flash off-and-on and not execute my request.

The latest incident happened this morning when I tried to launch Apple Backup and nothing happened. I checked the Console log and noted the following entry:

4/4/10 8:29:34 AM Backup[14453] CGSResolveShmemReference : reference offset (65296) exceeds bounds (32768) on shmem obj 0x6e9a

Checking the tech discussion boards, I found a similar case involving a Firefox user that was posted in 2008 on the Mozilla forum. The poster (named Jaime) reported that when he tried to open the browser, the program failed to launch about 80% of the time and didn’t trigger the usual “bouncing” response in the Dock. The explanation given by another poster is that there is a bug with either the QuickDraw or HIToolbox frameworks in Leopard that affects not just Firefox, but Apple programs as well.

To fix my problem, I decided to reinstall the Mac OS X 10.5.8 combo updater. When the combo updater finished installing, I was greeted by a strange screen message, warning me not to localize.

I ignored the warning, rebooted, and repaired permissions using Disk Utility. Afterward, I backed up my email using Apple Backup, then opened up AccountEdge without encountering any difficulties.

In other words, my system appears to be running normally.


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