Removing unwanted audio artifacts from video footage

From today’s mail bag:

“I just shot some footage for a client, and we had to shoot in front of her shop, and the background noise from cars passing by was fairly noisy. We used a Lav Mic, so her voice sounds good, but does anyone know what filter in FCP to use to reduce the background noise?”

Try the Noise Reduction filter in Soundtrack Pro.

1). Send the clip sequence you want to fix from your Final Cut timeline to Soundtrack Pro.

2). In Soundtrack Pro, use the mouse to highlight a representative sample of the noise, then select Process > Noise Reduction > Set Noise Print to assign that sample to the filter.

3). Open the Noise Reduction filter again from the menu bar and choose Reduce Noise, adjusting the Noise Reduction sliders to control the amount of the filter you want to apply. Preview the effect while using the filter to make sure you don’t remove too much of the speaker’s voice or background ambience that you want to retain.

4). Afterward, send the clip with the saved changes back to Final Cut.


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