Transferring MYOB AccountEdge license to another Mac

I recently upgraded my office installation of MYOB AccountEdge Network Edition from version 2009 to 2010. To support the type of setup that my small business customers use, I maintain the MYOB data file on my server and access the information over an Ethernet network from my laptop (connecting to MYOB over a wireless LAN is inherently sluggish and is NOT RECOMMENDED).

Yesterday when I tried to run the program, MYOB responded with messages that my trial license had expired and that I needed to deactivate a license.

I have a single user license. I had forgotten that I had activated my MYOB license on my server when I installed the upgrade, when, in actuality, I make it a habit to run the program from my laptop. After a few moments, I realized that I needed to deactivate my server installation of MYOB. How to accomplish this was not obvious.

First, I searched the Internet without success. Finally, after rummaging through the MYOB Help screens and drop-down menus, I stumbled upon the procedure by selecting the Registration option from the AccountEdge NE drop-down menu, then choosing Deactivate License from the pop-up window.



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2 responses to “Transferring MYOB AccountEdge license to another Mac

  1. michael Berkowitz

    So how did you resolve installing MYOB AE NE on your server? You de-activated the laptop License and than re-activated that on the server? We have 2 Licenses and currently installing a server…would that mean we need to buy another license for the server?

  2. admin

    Yes, I resolved the problem by de-activating the laptop license and re-activating it on the server.

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