Can’t back up data to root directory. What can I do?

Encountered the following situation at a client site earlier today:

A customer of mine runs Acclivity’s AccountEdge software to keep track of financial transactions that involve her business. She had been under the mistaken impression that she was regularly backing up her data to a LaCie external drive whenever she exited AccountEdge.

Her LaCie is divided into four partitions (Week1, Week2, Week3, Week4) that represent the week of the month she performs her backups. When I looked at the file contents for each partition, I found no AccountEdge backups for the year 2009. Everything on disk was dated 2008 or older. Moreover, when I instructed AccountEdge to manually back up her main data file to the root directory of the LaCie hard drive, her Mac refused to copy a thing. It’s as if the drive’s contents were protected by a read-only setting.

I ran Get Info (Command-I) on the LaCie drive to examine file permission settings. For each partition, Mac OS X reported that my customer was the owner and could read and write to the drive. Ignore ownership on this volume was checked, while [unknown] was the group owner who had Read only privileges. While I couldn’t get AccountEdge to store file backups to the root directory of the LaCie, I could, however, save backups in a previously defined Desktop folder that was located one level below the root. In addition, I could also store her backups on the local drive inside her home directory.

Opening Disk Utility, I noticed that the LaCie drive was formatted as Mac OS X Extended. While Verify Disk was an available option, Repair Disk Permissions was grayed out. Since I ran out of time to correct the file permission problem, I instructed the customer to store her AccountEdge backups inside the Desktop folder of her LaCie hard drive.



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5 responses to “Can’t back up data to root directory. What can I do?

  1. Mark

    I know there was an issue with MYOB’s AccountEdge backing up to root directories in one or two older versions running in Intel Macs but updates to the program took care of that for those versions. I tried finding a link to the old issue on the site but I wasn’t able to.

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  3. Hello,

    It would be helpful to know what version and build of the software she is using as well the OS and machine (G4, Intel, etc.) This is informative, but a bit scary and alarmist without all of the facts for a reader to be able to verify their own configuration. If anything, contact Acclivity directly if this is a current product that you are dealing with.

    Thank you for posting a possible bug

  4. tom

    Try shortening up the archive file name. If the name is over 27 or so characters, the Save button is disabled.

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