Test-driving Soundtrack Pro 3

I recently upgraded my editing workstation to Final Cut Studio 3. I do an extensive amount of audio editing in my work, so I opted to try out the new features in Soundtrack Pro 3.

At this stage, I have mixed feelings about the updated software. On one hand, the program appears to be more stable than its predecessor and doesn’t crash as frequently. In addition, the programmers fixed a bug in the multitrack editor so that an exported track is saved to a folder without an .aif extension.


Under Soundtrack Pro 2, if you performed the same function, the program added a .aif extension to the export folder that made it necessary to use the Finder to open the file.

On the other hand, I am annoyed by two changes to the program. One keyboard shortcut that I used often in Soundtrack Pro 2 was the ability to return to the start of a track by pressing once on the Home key. Now I have to press the Home key twice in order to accomplish the same task.

The change that annoys me the most involves the copy and paste function. As noted by the screenshot below, Soundtrack Pro 3 inserts unwanted noise between the source and target clips.


I thought I was onto the fix when I checked Soundtrack Preferences and found a new Handle Length setting under the General tab. However, even when I set the handle length to zero, I still encountered the paste bug.


I found that the disadvantages and user interface changes outweighed the benefits of the new version, so I have switched back to Soundtrack Pro 2 for my audio editing.


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