Snow Leopard causes Entourage 2008 to crash

From today’s mail bag:

Ever since I installed Snow Leopard, I have been having periodic crashes with Entourage 2008. The application comes right back and may crash once or twice after that but then keeps working until I turn the computer off or put it to sleep. I notice there are a lot of similar experiences in the online forums.

AppleCare had me delete all of the Microsoft Preferences from Entourage. So far, it seems to be working and not crashing.



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4 responses to “Snow Leopard causes Entourage 2008 to crash

  1. admin

    The following Apple Discussion Board thread called, “Entourage 2008 crashes with most office attachments” makes reference to font corruption possibilities:

    The aforementioned thread also states that some users have found a partial workaround for file attachment problems by installing Rosetta from the Mac OS X Install DVD.

    Installing Rosetta:

    • Insert the Apple OS X 10.6 DVD into your Macintosh.
    • Open the Optional Installs folder.
    • Double click Optional Installs.mpkg.
    • Check only the Rosetta box and click Continue.
    • Click Close when you see the following screen: “The installation was completed successfully.”

    The following Entourage Help Blog article provides workaround solutions for using Office for Mac under Snow Leopard.

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  3. Ted E. Johnson, Jr.

    Hi, I have a new iMac with 10.6 snow leopard and I work in a large art dept where we are connected to a network. We get our email thru Entourage 2008. For a week or so every thing was good then I did some updates like security, alum keyboard and ever since when I open Entourage and click on any new email it instantly closes. I can send new emails and open old ones before the updates install. May be conflict with server or something got clicked on?
    Since I can not open email please send advice to
    he is our Admin

    • admin

      Ted, will take a look at your Entourage 2008 issue after I finish up with my client whom I’m consulting later today.

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