AOL Filing Cabinet is missing in AOL Desktop 1.5

From today’s mail bag:

In AOL 10 on my old Mac, I had a lot of e-mails saving in my “Filing Cabinet.” Now I can’t find this using AOL Desktop 1.5 on my new Mac. Many e-mails were important. Do you have any idea how I can find them again?


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One response to “AOL Filing Cabinet is missing in AOL Desktop 1.5

  1. admin

    The Filing Cabinet that you have access to in the old version of AOL is not available in its replacement, AOL Desktop 1.5.

    Consequently, if you want to continue to use the AOL Filing Cabinet, you need to run the older AOL program that’s still accessible on your new Mac.

    Step #1: Open the Applications folder in a Finder window by selecting Go > Applications from the Desktop menu bar.

    Step #2: Locate the application that’s called “AOL.”

    Step #3: Follow the steps below to create a desktop alias.

    Creating an Alias
    You can create an alias for your file, folder, or application by using the File menu from any location.

    • Select an item such as a file, folder, or an application
    • From the File menu, select Make Alias. The alias will appear next to the original icon with a little arrow in the corner of the icon.
    • You can rename your alias, just like any other filename (see Renaming Files)
    • To move the alias to your desktop, drag the alias from its current location to the desktop area

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