Recovering data from USB flash drive

From today’s mail bag:

Anyone have a favorite utility to recover deleted files from a flash drive? Someone gave me a Sandisk Cruzer and I ran Sandisk Rescue Pro Deluxe on it. It recovered some files but got stuck at just under 5% percent and wouldn’t budge beyond that. I tried a second scan and it got stuck at the same place. I’d like to try again with another utility. Since it’s FAT16, I should be able to attempt a file recovery plugged into a Mac as well. What do you recommend?


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One response to “Recovering data from USB flash drive

  1. admin

    I have used Data Rescue PC from ProSoft Engineering to recover files from a Windows-formatted hard drive. While its website says Data Rescue supports FAT16 and FAT32 partitions, I have not tested the program on flash media.

    At one time, ProSoft sold a data recovery program called PictureRescue 1.2.1 that was compatible with flash media, but it looks like the firm discontinued the product and/or bundled its features with Data Rescue PC.

    Interestingly, there is a Belgian company called DataRescue that sells a flash media recovery program called PhotoRescue that is available for Mac and Windows users. I have not tested this product.

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