Save disk space by installing Snow Leopard

This weekend I upgraded my laptop and server from Mac OS X 10.5.8 to 10.6. Before doing so, I backed up both computers to bootable hard drives. The Snow Leopard installations took about 40-45 minutes and completed without warnings or errors. Various blogs and Mac tech sites indicated that the interface for Snow Leopard would not look much different than Leopard but that system response would be noticeably faster and I would be rewarded with additional hard disk space. From early indications, those reports appear to be accurate.

Here is a comparison of the amount of disk space available on my laptop and server before-and-after the system upgrade:

Laptop – 91 gb (Leopard), 103.29 gb (Snow Leopard)
Server – 26.63 gb (Leopard), 34.87 gb (Snow Leopard)

When installing Snow Leopard, you can reduce the amount of disk space used by the system by not installing printer drivers, fonts, and foreign language packs you don’t need. To disable these options, click the Customize button on the initial setup window [Note: Snow Leopard only runs on Intel Macs. If you need to run PowerPC programs such as Office 2004, be sure to enable the Rosetta option].



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