Scareware Purveyors are Turning a Hefty Profit

A fellow consultant reported that one of her clients recently encountered a situation where his Safari 4.0.2 or 4.0.3 browser supposedly detected malware on his Mac after he clicked on an embedded link in an email message that he had received. The screen message said that “Safari Security” had found the malware and offered to check his computer system for other intrusions.

With Macs becoming more popular and mainstream, they have become targets for scams such as this. In many cases, the rogue program that has taken over Safari will offer to remove itself for a price. It will ask the user to provide credit card information to run special intrusion-detection software. If you are faced with this choice, SIMPLY REFUSE or else your Mac will be compromised further. In the most dire situations, the problem will become so pervasive that it will become necessary to “nuke-and-pave” (reformat, reinstall, and restore) the hard drive in order to regain stability.

Click here for Information Week article about cybercriminals who create profit-making rogueware.

Click here for related story about Safari security flaws that was posted on ZDNet on July 9, 2009.


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