Is Soundtrack Pro buggy?

If you edit dozens of tracks every week as I do, the answer is a resounding YES!!! The program crashes often and at the most inopportune times.

Simply selecting a section of the audio file using the mouse can cause the program to hang which can only be resolved by Force Quitting the application. Implementing the Noise Reduction or EQ filters can also cause system hangs.

While keyframing and editing with the multi-track editor works great, the Export function that’s accessible from the File menu has a bad programming code error that requires a workaround.


By default, the filename you enter into the Save As dialog box creates a folder that contains the exported track. The Export function automatically appends an .aif extension to the folder name you enter into the selection window, even if you delete the .aif extension manually.


From STP’s File menu, you will notice that you can’t drill down to the exported audio file contained inside the .aif folder.


That’s because Soundtrack Pro has been tricked into thinking that the export folder is an .aif file. The workaround is to open the exported file manually using the Finder.

Another bug involves the saving of Soundtrack Pro project (.stap) files. If you select File>Save (or Command-S), Soundtrack Pro DOES NOT execute your command. That’s right, it ignores your keystrokes and doesn’t save any changes you’ve made to the file. As a result, when I’m working with Soundtrack Pro project files, I make sure I save a copy of the original at frequent intervals [NOTE: File>Save executes the desired result when working with .aif or .wav files].

In years past, I edited audio files using Sound Studio v2 and BIAS Peak DV. I found that BIAS Peak DV had a limited feature set while Sound Studio was also subject to system crashes and lack of support from the developer. I like the fact that Soundtrack Pro is integrated with the rest of Final Cut Studio. I just wish it didn’t crash as often as it does.



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4 responses to “Is Soundtrack Pro buggy?

  1. Catherine

    Hi, what if Soundtrack Pro all of a sudden won’t save a project in any format?? I was working with an audio file project (video and audio were imported from FCP) and on the weekend it saved the edited file as a QT movie, actually it saved it in any format I instructed it to. But now 2 days later, it won’t save anything! I’ve restarted, installed any software updates (though there were none for S Pro) and don’t know what to do. Can you help??

    • admin

      Will research and respond once I finish my consulting appointment and amback in my office.

    • admin

      Catherine, what version of Final Cut Studio are you running? Are you round-tripping your movie from STP back to FCP? Are you trying to save files as an audio project (.stap) or as an audio file (.aiff)? Does STP prevent you from saving a new audio file created from scratch? Click here for a possible clue concerning the problem that was posted on the Ken Stone discussion board. Standard workaround techniques to consider are to repair permissions using Disk Utility and to re-launch the application after deleting the Soundtrack Pro property list file that’s located in the Library directory of your home folder (/Users/your_home_folder_name/Library/Preferences/ Before deleting the .plist file, be sure to close out of STP first.

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