Question about Bus-Powered Hard Drives

From today’s mail bag:

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for the best quality bus powered HD’s to purchase for use with my MBP [MacBook Pro] for in the field work. I’m traveling overseas and want to be able to offload P2 cards to two external HD’s setup as a mirrored raid. The only power I may have available is from a 12v car power jack.



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2 responses to “Question about Bus-Powered Hard Drives

  1. admin

    For the past few years, I have been using a 200gb G-RAID mini to edit DV footage using FCP. Haven’t had any problems with this bus-powered RAID. If you’re editing HD or uncompressed video, you’d obviously need a much larger drive than this. The next generation version of the G-RAID mini will be shipping the week of August 10th and supports disk capacities up to 1 TB.

    I also own a couple of Other World Computing’s portable Firewire 800 “Mercury On the Go” drives for general backup and data recovery. The internal fan that cools the G-RAID causes it to be be noiser than OWC’s systems.

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