Damaged iPhone? Call DriveSavers!

As a DriveSavers Business Partner, I receive feedback and correspondence from this well-respected, data recovery firm. Below is a current article of interest from their July 2009 newsletter:

iPhone Data Recovery-The Next Generation
DriveSavers was the first company to recover iPhone data, and the jobs we’ve received have been challenging to say the least. Nearly every iPhone we’ve worked on suffered some kind of physical damage. Some ended up being waterlogged when they were dropped in lakes, ponds and toilets. Others met their fate as they literally “hit the pavement”.

To date, our most spectacular save was the iPhone that was intentionally dropped 26 stories down a garbage chute in a New York City apartment building, by an angry wife. With the odds stacked against us, we completed a full recovery of the critical data – in this case, they were photos needed by the disgruntled woman’s spouse.

Today, DriveSavers is celebrating its continued success recovering data using a myriad of new techniques we’ve developed along the way, streamlining the process with increased capabilities, recovering not only the most common kinds of important data: photos, notes and contacts, but even deleted text messages!

DriveSavers website
Phone: 800.440.1904
Special Code to receive 10% discount from DriveSavers: DS91211


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