Update on Apple Store’s One-to-One Program

Apple’s One to One Membership Program is a fantastic deal for Mac owners, for it allows them to stop by an Apple Retail Store to obtain one hour of technical assistance per week for a year for just $99.

On June 2, Apple changed its One to One membership policy, whereby, only customers who purchase a new Mac at an Apple Store or Apple online are eligible to join the program. You can’t sign up at a later date or if you buy a Mac through a non-Apple outlet.

Below is further clarification about the “new” One to One program that I received from an individual who spoke with one of the managers of the Apple Store located at the Stanford Shopping Center:

“As noted, to qualify one must buy a computer at an Apple store or online. However:

a) Those who renewed their current One-to-One membership before June 1, 2009 can renew one more time.

b) I was told they give the buyer a coupon that can be activated at a later date (maybe up to 3 years?). The store manager said that I could wait until my current membership expires plus a one year renewal because I last renewed in May 2009. The Apple web site implies 14 days.

c) Once one enrolls, one can renew two times for a total of three years.

Basically, unless you buy a new computer every three years, you’re eventually left without One-to-One service.”


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