iTunes 8.2 update removes synced photos from iPhone

I synced my first generation iPhone after installing the iTunes 8.2 update and noticed that all the iPhoto pictures and their associated libraries that had previously been stored on the portable device had disappeared.


I conducted additional tests and noted that iTunes would sync some, but not all of the digital photo libraries that were part of my selection. I originally thought that iTunes 8.2 would fail to sync images that were not shot with a digital camera. That theory proved wrong when I tried to sync a mixed set of libraries and found that iTunes removed all of them from the phone device.


Until Apple issues a fix, I would avoid upgrading to iTunes 8.2 if you desire to sync your iPhoto library to your iPhone or iPod Touch.



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5 responses to “iTunes 8.2 update removes synced photos from iPhone

  1. I have experienced exactly the same problem on my iPhone 3G.

    ALL my photos disappeared too after upgrading to iTunes 8.2

    I have tried many steps to troubleshoot it too including:
    – syncing just ONE photo from a folder (Rather than iPhoto) — didnt work
    – syncing from a Windows PC with iTunes 8.2 (didn’t work either)
    – complete restore of iPhone (worked the first time, then iTunes synced and removed all my photos again)
    – using eCamm iPhone Drive to VIEW the photos folder (there are no photos in there and the Photo Database is 638 bytes in size; and also tried removing anything mentioning iPhoto (didn’t work)
    – using eCamm iPhone Drive to manually copy the contents of the iPod Photo Cache over (worked!!!)

    Basically I agree the problem seems to be with iTunes 8.2 — the Photo cache is created correctly, BUT it does not sync to the iPhone… Seems sporadic though because apart from your post, I haven’t found anywhere else that had the problem.

    I wish I could downgrade to iTunes 8.1.1 again =/ this is annoying not being able to sync photos!

  2. admin

    UPDATE: Reenabled iPhoto sync to my iPhone by using the Restore function in iTunes.

  3. Ok Nice! Check this out!

  4. OL


    Trash iTunes and reinstall – worked for me!


  5. swingline

    I was having the same problem. I restored, it was fixed, but after a few syncs it came back. Then I realized what was going on. The iphone is dumping the last few albums on my list, unannounced, in order to keep a minimum of empty space on the phone. Seems like it needs about 100mb. Experiment: delete a small music playlist, around 100mb. Bet those photos re-sync. They did for me.

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