Customer is shocked: New iMacs don’t have FW400 ports

Yesterday I consulted a work-at-home customer in migrating data and programs from a G5 iMac to a new, 24″ Intel iMac. The data transfer took a couple of hours using Apple Migration Assistant.

The G5 iMac is equipped with multiple USB and Firewire 400 ports. My client is used to storing his backup files onto standalone drive enclosures (mostly Western Digitals and a few Maxtors) connected to his Macs using Firewire 400 cables. He was incredulous to learn that his new iMac didn’t have any Firewire 400 ports and was equipped with only 1 Firewire 800 port.


Before leaving the premises, I showed my customer my Sonnet adapter that I had to pull out of my computer bag to transfer files between his two Macs using target disk mode. I mentioned that I had only one of these FW400-800 adapters in my supply kit and that I had ordered it online. As a temporary measure, I connected his 24″ iMac to his only combo (FW400/FW800/USB) drive enclosure and used that drive as the interface to his FW400 devices.


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