Hardware Failures: Case in Point

During the past few weeks, a couple of Apple products that I originally purchased in 2003 and are out of warranty decided to show their age and malfunction.

One of those was my 60 gb iPod 3G, which I can no longer turn off using the Play/Pause button. No matter how hard I push or where I click, the device refuses to turn off. My only recourse is to let the iPod battery run down completely. In some respects, it’s not a major hardship, as I rarely use the iPod to play music or watch movies, preferring to use my iPhone for this purpose.

The other piece of equipment that failed recently was the internal hard drive in my PowerBook G4. I use the PowerBook primarily to test and install PowerPC software and run Classic apps on behalf of a client. Its internal drive is partitioned into two volumes: one formatted for Tiger and the other for Leopard. When I attempted to clone one of the volumes to a firewire drive using Disk Utility, I encountered a S.M.A.R.T diagnostic error that warned me that the drive was on the verge of failing. I gracefully closed all open applications and shut down the system. At the moment, I don’t have a pressing need to use the PowerBook, so I haven’t taken the requisite step of replacing the drive.


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