Producing printouts without margins

From today’s mail bag:

I use the copy function of my Canon scanner to digitize my art drawings. I can’t figure out how to get my Mac to stop adding border margins that clip off the edge of my drawings and prevent my printer from using the full size of the paper. What do you suggest?



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2 responses to “Producing printouts without margins

  1. In order to diagnose and fix your printer issue, I’d like to receive a couple bits of information:

    1. What is the printer manufacturer, make and model (e.g., Canon Pixma MP830)?

    2. What Mac operating system are you using? If you do not know, select the Apple menu in the upper left corner, then choose About This Mac.

    3. What software program are you using to try to print the file (e.g., Preview)?

    When you bought your printer, it probably came with an installation CD that contained special software called a printer driver that enables your printer to communicate with your Mac. Printer drivers have different feature sets. Many printer drivers provide basic functionality, while others include enhanced features. To be able to print from edge-to-edge without margins, your installed printer driver must have that capability built-in so that the software program you use for printing can take advantage.

  2. Upon further review, there appears to be a simple solution to your problem: Manually select the Copy function in the CanoScan Toolbox menu (not the button on your scanner), then choose the radio button that sets the Scale to “Fit to paper,” rather than “100%.” The setting of 100% was probably set by the software program by default and is probably causing your drawings to be cut off at their edges. Give that a try and let me know how it goes.

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