Can’t back up to OS X server using Time Machine

From today’s mail bag:

I got a new laptop. How do I set it up to back up to our Xserve configured as a Standard Leopard server? I tried pointing the backup location to the server “BACKUP” file, but it says “The Backup Disk Image Could Not Be Created”.

Please advise.



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3 responses to “Can’t back up to OS X server using Time Machine

  1. I assume you want to use Time Machine to manage the data backups from your new laptop to the Xserve.

    I browsed the Apple Discussion Forums and found a post that said that this error typically comes up if your local Mac (the one you want to back up) doesn’t display a machine name under Sharing preferences. Make sure your new laptop has a Computer name.

    In order to use the Xserve for Time Machine backups over a network, two things must be in order:

    – There must be a user account on the server that corresponds to the user account associated with your laptop. While logged onto the Xserve, open the Users pane in Server Preferences and, if necessary, add the account name and password of the user associated with your laptop. Then, click the Services tab on the Users pane and make sure that the box next to the Time Machine menu option is checked for your laptop’s user account.

    – Your laptop also needs to be configured to bind itself to the Xserve as an Open Directory client. This is a one-time step that is accomplished from your laptop using an Apple program called Directory Utility that’s located in the Utilities folder. Below are the setup instructions:

    Set Static LDAP Binding to Your Server

    Mac OS X computers need to bind to your Open Directory master server to connect. In the following steps, you will set the binding manually, and then set the client to use the server for authentication information.

    1. On the Mac OS X client computer, open Directory Utility (located in /Applications/Utilities). If necessary, click the Lock icon and authenticate to make changes, and then click the Show Advanced Settings button.

    2. Click the Add (+) button and type the fully qualified domain name of the Open Directory master (the FQDN of your Xserve).

    3. Enter the user account credentials into the empty fields in the dialog box. The Computer ID field will be automatically populated with the predefined name of the computer. Click OK.

    4. Click OK, and the Mac OS X computer will now be bound to the Open Directory master.

    Reference: The Apple Certified Guide to Using Mac OS X Server’s Open Directory
    By David Pugh and Schoun Regan
    Peachpit Press

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  3. If you would like to backup your user data then you may wish to take a look at LBackup; an open source (GNU GPL) backup utility for Mac OS X.

    LBackup is compatible with both Mac OS X client and Mac OS X server.

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