Installing certificates in Apple Mail

From today’s mail bag:

Certificates are one of those areas that I just never learned much about. I want to be able to sign my emails. I know it can be done, but I have been unable to get Mail to see that I have a Thawte cert. It’s in my keychain, but Mail seems not to care.

I initially followed instructions I found here:

and here:

Here is a screenshot of what my signed messages are supposed to look like when they’re received:

Digitally-signed mail message

Digitally-signed mail message

What am I missing?



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4 responses to “Installing certificates in Apple Mail

  1. Do you see the lock and sign icons located on the upper right edge of Mail’s New Message window? The sign button looks like a spoked wheel with an ‘x’ in the middle. That’s the button to activate when you want to send a signed message from Mail.

    The email address that you enter for the Thawte certificate is case-sensitive. If there is a slight variation between what your actual email address is and what you entered on the Thawte registration screen, Mail won’t be able to attach itself to the certificate and the security icons won’t appear in your New Message window.

    Also, if you’re using Firefox to access the Thawte registration page and are having problems installing the certificate in your keychain, switch to Safari, instead. After you place your certificate order, you should receive a request pending message from Thawte. Unless there are problems associated with your certificate request, you should receive your certificate file (deliver.exe) within 10 minutes. Open Keychain Access from the Utilities menu. Authenticate to unlock either of the Microsoft Certificate keychains where you want to install the certificate, then drag and drop the file attachment to complete the installation.

    Here is a website that lists some of the advantages of using digitally signed signatures:

  2. Marco

    Yes! Are you pondering what i am pondering?

    After numerous tries last year with leopard i finally got it to work:

    Safari 4.0.2
    Keychain 4.0.2

    Open keychain and delete the old certificate.

    Open Safari and go to Thawte website, choose quick login -> personal e-mail-certificates.

    request a new certificate with the standard settings (choose x.509 and Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird, Netscape Communicator/Messenger).

    Wait until the certificate is issued.

    Go to view certificate status and klick on Navigator. Fetch the certificate.

    Restart, create new message.

    This worked for me. The Buttons for Signing E-Mails appear now in

  3. Twate is not offering personal certificates for free. I do it whit on macosx 10.6.7

    • admin

      I am also aware that Thawte stopped issuing free certificates a while ago. Thanks for the tip about

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