Celebrity Apprentice will demo the video phone this Sunday

This Sunday, March 22nd, you have the opportunity to find out how you can own a state-of-the-art digital device offered by ACN Telecommunications called the IRIS 3000 VideoPhone that allows you to leave video mail messages and record video greetings for a low monthly fee that’s comparable or less than what you’re paying now for regular phone service! Imagine that! On a digital phone line, no less!

Sunday at 9PM (8PM Central), tune into the NBC-TV affiliate in your area to watch a demonstration of the videophone on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice show.

The Celebrity Apprentice logo

Celebrity Apprentice

I have partnered with two other individuals who are affiliated with RM News Agency in providing ACN products and services to the public. After watching the Sunday night broadcast, log onto our website to obtain further information about the full line of products and services that ACN offers.

If you like what you see, follow the links on our site to place your order. As an option, you can also sign up to become an ACN Independent Representative and receive commissions on sales that you generate.



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2 responses to “Celebrity Apprentice will demo the video phone this Sunday

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  2. The ACN episode that was recently aired on Celebrity Apprentice is currently available in its entirety on NBC’s website. The episode will be available for viewing from the NBC web site until April 7, 2009.

    MySpace/hulu has also posted a web page where the videophone episode can be viewed online.

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