Are there trial versions of Office 2008?

From today’s mail bag:

I have a potential client that needs help using some Mac products like Pages to create a newsletter and a presentation that would include inserting movie clips. I don’t have the iWork suite, so I can’t assist her with this.

In addition, she needs to learn how to use Office 2008 Word and PowerPoint for the Mac. I’ve worked on Windows 2007 and it appears that it’s similar, but I don’t have a copy of this software. I know that I can download Office 2007 as a trial on my PC. But, I haven’t found the link for Office 2008 for the Mac – maybe it’s because I’m looking for it with a PC and am not on the Mac…does anyone know if there is an actual download for a trial version for the Mac?


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One response to “Are there trial versions of Office 2008?

  1. 30-day trial of iWork ’09 (which includes Pages ’09), click here:

    Microsoft’s portal for its Mac products, including Office 2008, click here:

    There are no trial versions of Office 2008 for Mac.
    See MacRumors archive.

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