Beware of problems using iTunes 8.1

Apple recently released iTunes 8.1 via its download page that can also be installed via the Software Update pane in System Preferences. As reported on MacFixIt, many early adopters are reporting a series of problems using the software update, such as system crashes and broken synchronization with iPods and iPhones. – MacFixIt subscription required to view article.

If you haven’t installed iTunes 8.1 and are thinking of doing so, I suggest that you either install the software on a test machine or wait for Apple to release a software patch.



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2 responses to “Beware of problems using iTunes 8.1

  1. Chuck Hill

    I recently updated to iTunes 8.1, but before I did I had files (i.e. TV shows) that were still in the process of being downloaded. Now since I upgraded to 8.1, the software says I still have two downloads available. I also checked in the DOWNLOADS folder and the .wmv files are there, but I am unable to download these two shows. The software gives me an error saying that the iTunes store is currently unavailble. I have also been able to download new songs and videos successfully since I started using 8.1. It appears the new software is unable to pull in those files. If Apple would credit my account for $2.99 and could delete those files in the download folder and retry to download them again. I bet that would work for me.

  2. Chuck, I gather from your description that your music download problem involves iTunes 8.1 for Windows. I’ve heard about similar glitches that have affected Mac users. Will do some research and report back at my earliest convenience.

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