Stop your iPhone from shuffling songs

I have approximately 4000 audio recordings in my iTunes Music Library that take up about 17 gigabytes of disc space.


Needless to say, I can only store a subset of my music library on my iPhone. On a recent trip, I listened to one of my music playlists over my car stereo. I noticed that the tracks played back in random order and not how they were listed on my device. It took a while, but I eventually figured out that the shuffle switch on my iPhone was turned on.

What puzzled me was figuring out how to deactivate the shuffle option. The obvious choice — the iPod Settings menu — provided no clues.


After surfing the Internet, I eventually found the solution from a cryptic reference included on page 63 of the iPhone User Guide. During music playback with shuffling turned on, the Shuffle control icon (the one with the intersecting arrows) is highlighted in blue. Clicking once on the icon changes its highlight color back to white and allows the songs to play back in their original order.




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11 responses to “Stop your iPhone from shuffling songs

  1. Mike


  2. Ali

    That was a pain! Mine was shuffling even though I thought I had turned shuffle off. I wasn’t getting the icons in the playback interface, so I had to specifically go in and tell it to shuffle so the icons would come up, then turn it off and now its working properly.

    Thanks for the hint, I would have been lost forever without it!

  3. Roberta

    Thank you!! This was driving me crazy!! My two year old loves the music on my phone; I was worried something was permanently mixed up!
    Thanks again for saving me lots of time by posting this shortcut!!

  4. Kellogg Gaines

    I always like to use shuffle on playlists but it seems to play the same songs. I have 1,800 songs on one playlist and when I shuffle, it seems like I am getting the same songs.
    Is there a way to shake up shuffle?

    • admin

      Found this suggestion on another site that referenced playlist shuffling on an iPod but should also apply to an iPhone:

      Is there any way to make an ipod’s shuffle more random?
      Yahoo! Answers
      “The shuffle algorithm seems to play the songs with the highest play count more often than songs with lower play counts. If you don’t care about keeping track of play counts, you might get better randomness by deleting your play counts [in iTunes].”

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