SoftRAID invalid data error

I’ve been using and promoting SoftRAID to the Mac community for the past few years. I use the program primarily to mirror a WiebeTech drive enclosure that stores some of my video projects. Courtesy of the developer, I recently had an opportunity to install and test a beta copy of SoftRAID 4.

Earlier today, I turned on my storage device only to be greeted by an ominous screen message that warned me that one or more of my RAID disks contained invalid data in the status partition.


Checking the Finder, I noticed that my primary scratch disk had lost access to its mirrored volume and that one of my render disks had failed to mount on my desktop. Rebooting the Mac failed to restore the RAID to its original configuration. I resigned myself that the RAID was not recoverable in its present state, so I allocated several hours backing up all of the readable data to a spare drive. After I backed up the data, I used SoftRAID to reformat the drive enclosure into a single mirror. I was relieved when the program told me that the two drives were ok and that the mirror was functioning normally.


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