Reliability of Solid State Drives (flash media)

What is the Expected Reliability of a Solid State Drive?

The future of hard drives is ever changing. One trend we are seeing is that Solid State Drives (SSDs) are slowly replacing electromechanical, spinning-platter hard drive mechanisms as the standard storage device installed inside new laptop and desktop computers.

SSDs have no moving parts inside and data is stored using non-volatile memory; data loads faster, less power is used than with current hard drives and they have a longer life span.

Although SSDs offer benefits over current hard drives, data is still at risk from problems such as directory corruption, virus attack, accidental file deletion, impact, electrical spike and fire or water damage. Data recovery specialists like DriveSavers are skilled in recovering data from SSDs and stand ready to recover from these problems and worse.

Source: Data Recovery News, a DriveSavers publication, Aug/Sep 2008.


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