The aftermath of Macworld 2009

I immediately went into work mode after my last day at the Macworld Expo on January 8th. It’s taken a week to get a chance to review the notes, brochures, and sample CDs that I picked up at the show. I spoke with representatives from many of the 450+ vendors who participated in Macworld, including:


A free software product that I tested and installed after returning from Macworld was Griffin Technology’s iTalk, which allows me to use the iPhone as a voice recording device that saves files as AIF’s. The iTalk supports the 2nd Generation iPod Touch as well as the iPhone and is capable of recording at three different quality levels:

Good (11 kHz)
Better (22 kHz)
Best (44 kHz)

iTalk Sync, a free utility available from Griffin’s website, is required to transfer recordings from the iPhone to computer. Small ads appear on the bottom of the iPhone screen when using the free version of iTalk. Griffin offers an ad-free version of iTalk for $4.99.

Reviewers on Griffin’s website noted that iTalk does not record in stereo and is not designed to record incoming phone calls.


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