Testing 1…2…3

Tax season invariably accompanies the start of a new year. At Macworld I stopped by H&R Block’s booth to pick up a copy of TaxCut Standard. The Standard release of TaxCut does not appear on the vendor’s web site, so I’m guessing that it’s a stripped down version of one of their commercial offerings.

This past weekend I downloaded a copy of TurboTax Business 2008 for Windows. I then tried, unsuccessfully, to install the Windows version of TurboTax using CrossOver for the Mac. The TurboTax installer aborted because it could not find any of the following three components:

Internet Explorer 6 or higher
Microsoft .NET 2.0 Service Pack 1
Windows Installer 3.1


TurboTax is designed to run on Windows 2000, XP or Vista. I attempted to install TurboTax into my Windows 2000 wine bottle that was previously configured with Internet Explorer 6. The installation failed, nonetheless, greeting me with bootstrapper setup and delete run registry errors.



It also populated my console log with the following text (edited for the sake of brevity):

fixme:spoolsv:serv_main (0 0x0)
fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x33f4e0,0x00000000), stub!
trace:seh:raise_exception code=c0000005 flags=0 addr=0x70d52030
trace:seh:raise_exception info[0]=00000001
trace:seh:raise_exception info[1]=00340000
trace:seh:raise_exception eax=ffc0c0c0 ebx=00b7e9e0 ecx=00000180 edx=000000ff esi=00340000 edi=00340000
trace:seh:raise_exception ebp=0033e678 esp=0033e658 cs=0017 ds=001f es=001f fs=1007 gs=0037 flags=00010246

trace:cxassocscan:get_value unable to get the size of L”xmlfile”->L”FriendlyTypeName” (2)
trace:cxassocscan:do_app description=L”XML Document”
trace:cxassocscan:get_value unable to get the size of L”xmlfile”->L”InfoTip” (2)
trace:cxassocscan:do_app infotip=(null)
trace:cxassocscan:extract_default_icon keyname=L”xmlfile\\DefaultIcon”
trace:cxassocscan:decode_xsz_resource (L”c:\\windows\\system32\\msxml3.dll,0″)
trace:cxassocscan:do_app icon=e7fd3184_msxml3.0.ico
trace:cxassocscan:do_app default_verb=L”open”
trace:cxassocscan:do_vrb verb=L”open”
trace:cxassocscan:get_value unable to get the size of L”xmlfile\\shell\\open”->(null) (2)
trace:cxassocscan:get_value unable to get the size of L”xmlfile\\shell\\open”->L”FriendlyAppName” (2)
trace:cxassocscan:extract_command_name command=L”\”iexplore.exe\” -nohome”
trace:cxassocscan:extract_exe_name trying L”iexplore.exe”
trace:cxassocscan:extract_file_name trying VerQueryValueW(\StringFileInfo40904e4\FileDescription)
trace:cxassocscan:do_vrb app_name=L”Wine core exe”


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  1. I am unable to understand this post. But well some points are useful for me.

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