Simple HTML editor for the Mac

From today’s mailbag:

Can someone recommend an easy to use html editor for the mac? I have a client who built a simple little website using Netscape Navigator (back in the days when it came with a built in html editor). I am now moving him to a new iMac 24” and want to find some alternative that allows him to edit basic html pages and upload them to the internet. Something free is preferred. I know there is iWeb, but that product seems completely lame to me unless I am missing something?



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2 responses to “Simple HTML editor for the Mac

  1. Take a look at Sandvox from Karelia Software. $49 for regular edition, $79 for Pro.

    Compatible with Tiger or Leopard. Trial version available for downloading.


  2. Two other HTML editors that can be used for this purpose include:

    Sea Monkey (

    KompoZer (

    Several years ago, a free, Open Source HTML editor called Nvu came out that was modeled after the old Netscape app. But the developer abandoned Nvu to begin work on what is expected to become BlueGriffon (

    Other developers adopted Nvu and turned it into KompoZer. It’s cross-platform, standards-compliant, and does CSS.

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