Upgrading files for AccountEdge Network Edition 2009

Submitted the following bug report to MYOB via its online support form:

I have been successfully using AccountEdge Network Edition 2008 on my laptop since July. I recently downloaded and installed AENE 2009. The upgrade installed the 2009 version of FileConnect which I activated. I ran the Upgrade Assistant to update my AENE 2008 files. After clicking the Open button on the main menu, I can’t seem to point AENE 2009 to the folder where I’ve stored the converted files.


AENE 2009 can only see the 2008 version of the files that it can’t open because they haven’t been converted. I ran Spotlight in a failed attempt to locate where the old .myo files are stored on the hard drive. Because of this problem, I have temporarily reverted to using AENE 2008 which is running normally.



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3 responses to “Upgrading files for AccountEdge Network Edition 2009

  1. Mike W

    From my experience and from dealing with technical support for years, the MYOB AENE can only read files that get stored in that “Databases” folder because of the FileConnect only reading files stored there. My path is Library-Application Support-AccountEdge NE-Databases. Try storing your upgraded files there and you should be able to run 2009 with no problem.

  2. Dear Mike,

    Thanks for the tip. I couldn’t remember the path, and the one you suggested was where my 2008 .myo files were stored. Strange that Spotlight couldn’t find them when I used that search tool. It’s not like Databases is a hidden or user-restricted folder and I clearly set my Spotlight search preferences to include documents.

  3. Now running AENE 2009 after updating the .myo files stored in the Databases folder.

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