Can Leopard be installed on a G4 laptop?

This past week, I received a phone inquiry from a client who asked whether Mac OS X 10.5 can be installed on a used G4 laptop. He said it wasn’t an emergency, so I emailed him my response, which was as follows:

Here are the system requirements for running Leopard:

1. Intel or PowerPC G5 or PowerPC G4 that has an 867 MHz or faster processor.

2. 512 MB of memory or higher.

3. DVD drive for installation.

4. 9 GB of available disk space.

To compare the specs of your laptop with minimum system requirements, select About This Mac from the Apple menu and click the More Info button. Alternatively, start a Finder window and navigate to the Utilities folder. Afterward, click on System Profiler.



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3 responses to “Can Leopard be installed on a G4 laptop?

  1. Roger Liebschner

    Two weeks ago I installed 10.5.5 on my PowerBook G4 1 GHz, the first 15 inch alu model. I always thought Tiger was the best choice for the G4, but …

    I am very astonished how fast Leopard is. Finder, graphics (except cover flow in finder), opening applications. It’s great! Better than Tiger and I am a critical Mac user. However, the installation time was 4 hours or so.

  2. william

    i’ve got a G4 with OS 10 but would like to try the leopard…. i have 1 g of memory and will be expanding to 2g. is it worth buying the leopard for this older model…. i’m a photographer and i need a realiable backup… presently i run a macbook pro…
    i’d appreciate your input and advice….
    william lewis
    909 499 2412

    • admin

      William, my recommendation depends on the physical condition of your G4 and what apps you plan to run on it. The G4 with 2 GB of memory is more than sufficient for accessing the Internet and writing letters and emails. It may run a little sluggishly in Leopard with only 1 GB of RAM. Overall performance is dependent on three factors: CPU speed, how much free disk space you have, and the system requirements of the programs that you run concurrently. I have a PowerBook G4 with 1.25 GB of RAM that I have around as a backup machine. While it’s not a speed demon, it runs satisfactorily for my limited use, which is to test PowerPC programs for my clients.

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