Time Machine backup fails on one Mac

From today’s mailbag:

One of my co-workers is having difficulties using Time Machine to back up files to our server. My backups are working just fine, but hers gets an “exclamation point” within the Time Machine icon on the top of the screen.

Any ideas?



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2 responses to “Time Machine backup fails on one Mac

  1. 1. First, verify the Xserve settings to make sure that her account is authorized to use Time Machine. Open Server Preferences, then select the Users pane. Under Users, highlight her account name, then click the Services tab. Make sure that the Time Machine option is checked.

    2. Second, go to her Mac and select the Time Machine pane in System Preferences. Check to see whether Time Machine is turned off or on. Click the Change Disk button on the Time Machine window. In the resultant dialog box, check whether the Backups folder on the server is available. If it is, highlight it and then click the Use for Backup button. She will then be asked to authenticate to the server using her username and password.

    If all goes well, then Time Machine will be reconfigured to initiate the backup at the next appointed time.

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