Error upgrading iFamily genealogy software

Earlier this year, I gave a brief presentation at my family reunion using a printout generated by a genealogy program called iFamily for Tiger. I recently received notice from the vendor of a software upgrade and title change: the program is now called iFamily for Leopard, though it will still run under Tiger (OS X 10.4). I followed the vendor’s instructions for upgrading the software using the application menu pull-down.

However, instead of a successful download, I encountered two error messages.

I verified that my user account had read and write permissions to the application and data folder (iFamilyForTigerData). The software vendor recently implemented changes to its web pages and requires re-registration in order to post new messages on its tech forum. Once I receive confirmation of my new forum account, I will submit a summary of my problem for review and resolution.



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4 responses to “Error upgrading iFamily genealogy software

  1. Dale, you need not wait for forum access and a response. You can download the latest release of iFamily for Leopard here:

    As you say, it is still supported on Tiger. The demo will be unlocked by your key, so you won’t be missing any features.

  2. Hi Shiggy

    You, and every other iFamily for Leopard customer, were sent a personal email on 19 October (the same day as this post) advising you of this problem and what to do.

    Keith Wilson

  3. Hi Shiggy

    Do NOT download the DEMO as suggested by Ben – it may overwrite your LIVE version of iFamily for Leopard.


  4. Dear Keith,

    Because I am running v.2.383 of iFamily for Tiger, I clicked on the first hyperlink listed under Case B of your email instructions:

    “If you are using a version that is earlier than V2.403 then: Click here for Upgrading from iFamily for Tiger to iFamily for Leopard”

    That hyperlink brought me to an iFamily forum web page posted under your name:

    On the forum page highlighted in blue is the following warning:

    “If you have received an email from me regarding upgrading to V2.500 then use the hyperlinks contained in the email – do not use the following menu option: Download iFamily For Leopard using menu option iFamily For Tiger -> Download Latest Release.”

    The first hyperlink on your email message just brings me to back this same web page – a circular reference that should be corrected. The second hyperlink directs me to the v.2.500 download page. I assume that is the option I should choose.

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