Apple’s decision to exclude firewire on new MacBooks

There is a public outcry on the Apple Discussion Board and on tech sites like MacFixIt regarding the omission of firewire ports on the newly announced MacBooks. The lack of a firewire port removes the ability to use target disk mode to migrate or transfer data to and from the new laptops. It also creates a major barrier for using a program like iMovie ’08 to import video from a firewire camcorder. While USB-to-firewire adapters exist, they usually require an extra power supply and are not always reliable.

As an alternative to using target disk mode, it is possible to take the internal hard drive out of the new MacBook and place it into a drive enclosure when performing data transfers. However, a drive enclosure represents an additional expense as well as an inconvenience for many users. In addition, MacBook owners can transfer data via their Ethernet or wireless network. Connecting an external display or projector to the MacBook requires purchase of a new, mini-sized Display port adapter, as Apple changed the port specs. In addition, the Apple Remote is no longer bundled with the MacBook and is available from the Apple Store for $19.


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