iBook doesn’t recognize MacPro

From today’s mail bag:

I have a iBook G4 that I’m giving away to charity. However, there are files on it that I want to transfer to my MacPro external drive. I tried a firewire connection and the G4 doesn’t recognize the MacPro. Other than using a USB thumb drive, how can I accomplish that?



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2 responses to “iBook doesn’t recognize MacPro

  1. To accomplish what you want to do without resorting to a USB thumb drive, reverse your procedure. 

    Start up the iBook in target disk mode by holding down the T key. Connect the firewire cable to your MacPro. You should see the iBook icon on your MacPro desktop.

    Double-click the desktop icon to view and transfer files. When you are finished, drag the iBook hard disk icon to the Trash, then press the laptop’s power button to turn it off.


  2. Follow-up comment from reader with my response:

    Q. I tried it and there is a strange symbol floating on the screen with a circle with 3 lines equidistant from each other. One line is solid and the other 2 on the left have 2 bars. I then hooked up the firewire from the ibook to the macpro. It is still showing the colorful pinwheel after 10 minutes. Is it working?

    A. That’s the firewire symbol you’re seeing onscreen. That’s what appears when you start up a Mac in target disk mode. The laptop display is behaving normally.

    Check the side of the laptop and look for the firewire port. You should see the same firewire icon etched near the port opening, unless it’s been removed through wear and tear.

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