Slide show software for Macs

From today’s mail bag:

I had some great recommendations for slide show software but, unfortunately, none are Mac-compatible. Have you used “Photo to Movie“? Or are you using something else that you would recommend that’s Mac-friendly?


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One response to “Slide show software for Macs

  1. Are you looking to create a self-running slide show or one that you control for your audience like a PowerPoint presentation?

    New Macs are bundled with iPhoto ’08 software that includes slide show tools.

    The different flavors of Microsoft Office for the Mac (Office X, 2004, and 2008) include PowerPoint. Apple offers a PowerPoint-compatible program called Keynote that’s part of it’s iWork ’08 suite. A company called Boinx offers a $49 photo presentation program for the Mac called FotoMagico.

    On the other hand, if you’re looking to create a slide show that’s playable from a DVD, then you might be better off just using Apple’s iDVD software that’s bundled with the iLife suite. That way, you create the slide show using just one program. While you can create snazzy looking animations using 3rd party software programs like FotoMagico, you’re then faced with implementing three extra steps to complete the task: exporting the slide show as a QuickTime file, reimporting the QuickTime file into iDVD, and synching music or voiceover narration to the slide show.

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