AccountEdge and Mac OS X Server don’t get along

Until July I had been using my 5-year-old copy of QuickBooks Pro 6 to handle the bookkeeping for my consulting business. Using QuickBooks, I spent, on average, no more than a few hours each month doing data entry and bank reconciliation. While I was pleased with the reporting features and workflow, I was equally dismayed about the growing number of QuickBooks menu options and features that were becoming inaccessible with each successive upgrade of the Mac OS. While I could have chosen to upgrade my copy of QuickBooks to the current build, I decided to give MYOB AccountEdge 2008 a try. While data migration went smoothly using MYOB’s converter, I ran into a major bug that forced me to rethink my implementation of the product at my office.

I chose to purchase and install the Network Edition of AccountEdge 2008. I chose the network edition over the standalone version in order to learn how to implement and support this software program in a multi-user office environment. I installed AccountEdge NE on my OS X 10.5 server that I had set up in Standard configuration. Once the program files were installed, I was asked to reboot the server. No big deal, I thought.

After I rebooted, I was greeted by a dialog box to initiate another system reboot to fix an MYOB permissions problem. Doing so destroyed the Open Directory Master configuration on the server to where I lost access to all of the shared services that had been running such as iCal and Mail. I keep a recent disk image backup of my server on an external hard drive, so I was able to restore my server configuration to its original state.

In view of the lessons learned, I am running AccountEdge NE 2008 on my desktop Mac and not on my server. I also submitted a bug report to MYOB regarding this issue.



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2 responses to “AccountEdge and Mac OS X Server don’t get along

  1. The other day, I received this reply from MYOB support which did not address my concerns:

    Re: AENE 1206 upgrade and OS X 10.5 Server

    Dear Sir,

    Unfortunately, installing an update to a program does not cause one to lose access to system user logins or reconfigure the system setup. We suggest you contact a Mac consultant or Apple Support for assistance with your Mac accounts.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    MYOB Online Support Team

    • I know this is an old issue, but I’ve run across this just recently. And not on one server but THREE servers. All the servers are running Mac OS X Server 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) and sometimes the install would corrupt the Open Directory database and sometimes it would not. HOWEVER… after getting the server to a state where the server would be up and running for a few weeks to a few months, suddenly, I’d get a call from my customer stating they had lost services. I’d tune in and the OD database would be corrupt. Fortunately, I keep backups of the OD database for my customers and just had to restore it, but invariably, I’d have the same problem crop up again later. I support MANY Mac OS X Servers with Open Directory Databases running on them, and ONLY the ones that have FileConnect from AccountEdge installed and running end up with a corrupt OD database at some time. This clearly demonstrates that the problem IS, in fact, AccountEdge’s fault and they should fix it.

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