Case where CPU usage exceeds 100%

The Intel processor that serves as the traffic cop and brains inside every new Mac is a hard-working piece of silicon that does its job without complaint. Its computational and multitasking abilities run circles around the PowerPC chip that powered the earlier generation of Macs. In fact, the Intel chip is so powerful that it can even process instructions greater than 100% of its capacity. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at the following animation of the Activity Monitor that was running when I used Parallels Compressor to shrink the size of my Windows virtual machine (Command-R will refresh animation using Safari).


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One response to “Case where CPU usage exceeds 100%

  1. Gregory Wostrel

    Dude, that’s because it is a dual core CPU. Both cores pegged would be 200%. Same thing can be seen with a true dual CPU machine like early G5 towers.

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