Can’t print from Mac OS X?

A Mac user contacted me today that he could no longer print documents from Safari. Here is my reply:

1. Check the printer cable to make sure it is connected properly at both ends.

2. Try printing from another application to determine whether the problem is system-wide or isolated to Safari.

3. Check the Print Queue.

Open System Preferences. Select Print & Fax. In the Print & Fax dialog screen, check the entry labeled “Status.” In normal operation with no active print jobs, it should read “Idle, Default.” Click the button labeled, “Open the Print Queue.” Do you see any uncompleted print jobs in the queue? If so, click the Resume icon to resume printing. You may also wish to delete any of the unfinished print jobs by clicking the Delete button.

If clearing old print jobs from the Print Queue doesn’t resolve the problem, proceed to Step #4.

4. Delete the original printer entry by highlighting the queue name and clicking the minus (-) button. Create a new print queue by clicking the plus (+) button. After you click the plus button, you will see the OS X print dialog window. Select the icon at the top labeled Default if it is not already selected. Does your Mac see your printer? Does it also recognize the right printer driver in the “Print Using” selector? If so, then click the Add button to add the printer. Finally, run a print job to see what transpires.



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4 responses to “Can’t print from Mac OS X?

  1. Barry

    Yea… 10.5.5 update has completely screwed up our network printing capabilities! I also do Mac consulting on the side, and did ALL the exact steps mentioned.

    Now my only question is… where to get the time to revert back to 10.4 !?!

    C’mon Apple!!! Stop making the general mass beta testers for all the updates!

    If anyone has heard of a real fix – would like to read about it!

  2. Barry

    Figured a fix out from Apple.

    You need to go into Print/Fax pref’s, then select within the list of printers box while holding the control key. Then “reset” the printers – basically starting from scratch.

    I had deleted printers with the ” – ” and then added them again with ” + ” but after that I was still unable to print to our network printers. It wasn’t until I actually reset the print system pref’s was I able to start with fresh settings.

    This did the trick!

  3. Thanks, Barry, for your useful printing tip. I have used the reset technique in the past to fix difficult print problems that couldn’t be resolved any other way. Thanks, again.

  4. i am a linksys tech support guy..had the same issue..followd the instructions n it worked…!!

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