Too many copies of VMWare running?

From today’s mail bag:

I am having a lot of difficulty opening Windows XP on my Mac using VMWare Fusion. The Virtual Machine Library screen usually comes on at the same time Fusion is starting and the whole process has become very slow. There seem to be too many versions of the VMWare program and Windows XP. What I should do if VMWare starts up with the VM Library showing the file “Windows XP” on its screen? And how best to close VM so that it will open in the same configuration I have currently?


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One response to “Too many copies of VMWare running?

  1. VMWare Fusion is programmed to display the Virtual Machine Library window when you start up the application and leaves it on the screen until you quit the program. That is normal. The purpose of the library window is to display the names of the virtual machines that are installed so you can pick the one you want. It does not appear to be possible to hide the VM Library window by modifying the Settings or Preferences menu. What I suggest doing is to minimize the library window to the Dock by clicking the little yellow circle in the upper left corner of the screen window.

    To keep the look and feel of your Windows virtual machine, make sure that your VMWare Preferences are configured to suspend the virtual machine when closing the application. If that preference setting fails to keep your desired configuration the next time you run VMWare, then I would select Suspend Guest from the Virtual Machine menu every time you quit the program.

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