Using Windows with Apple’s Mighty Mouse

Here’s a tip that applies to Mac users who own an Apple Mighty Mouse (wired or wireless) and run Windows on their computers using either Parallels or VMWare Fusion.

Let’s assume you’re working in Windows and you’re looking to bring up the Arrange Icons By menu by right-clicking the mouse. You click and click and nothing happens. The application menu bar is no help, as all it provides is the option to send the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys to activate the Task Manager menu. You try various key combinations like Command-click or Option-click to no avail. Finally, your fingers ‘accidentally’ click the Control and Shift keys simultaneously and something miraculous happens: the context-sensitive drop down menu appears onscreen!


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One response to “Using Windows with Apple’s Mighty Mouse

  1. Gregory Wostrel

    or – you could just go to Mac System Preferences, assign the right side of the MM to Secondary Button (so it is now a multi button mouse like it should be…) and Windows will automatically recognize that. Parallels will translate the mouse configuration according to what ever is setup in System Prefs.

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