Why does my co-worker’s Mac operate slowly?

From today’s mail bag:

My co-worker mentioned that her computer (2007 – 17″ MacBook Pro) is running rather slow at times. Her husband and I have the same computer, and hers from some reason runs considerably slower at times than does ours. Is there a program we can run to clean things up or something you would recommend to remedy this?



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2 responses to “Why does my co-worker’s Mac operate slowly?

  1. 1. Check the available disk space on her computer. Highlight the hard drive icon on the desktop, click Command-I (Get Info), and then click the disclosure triangle next to “General.” Compare the ratio of disk capacity to available space. She should have, at a minimum, 10% of the total hard drive space available, preferably 20% or more. The unused disk space is needed for the operating system to run optimally. A simple example would involve a Mac with a 100 GB drive. With such a system, she should run her Mac with at least 10 GB free.

    2. Check the amount of system memory that is installed on her computer. From the Apple Menu, select About this Mac, then click the More Info button near the bottom of the window. Click the disclosure triangle next to Hardware to reveal the options. Look for ‘Memory.’ 1 GB of memory is the bare minimum, while 2 GB or more is ideal.

    3. Run Repair Disk Permissions and Verify Disk from the Disk Utility program located in the Utilities folder (don’t click Verify Disk Permissions; that will just report problems but won’t fix them — a waste of time).

    4. In serious slowdown cases, purchase either Disk Warrior or Tech Tool Pro and run their set of disk diagnostic utilities using their startup CD.

    5. Finally, check to see whether she’s running a commercial anti-virus program like Norton which can affect system responsiveness. As a test, turn off anti-virus protection to see whether the delays disappear.

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