Converting QuickBooks data to AccountEdge Network Edition

I recently purchased MYOB AccountEdge Network Edition ( to help me learn how to support small businesses that use this accounting program over a multi-user network. I have been using QuickBooks Pro 6 as my bookkeeping software and was becoming more and more frustrated as features stopped working with each successive release of the Mac operating system.

During the startup phase, I ran the QB Conversion Assistant as instructed on MYOB’s web page. The file I created with the conversion tool could be opened in AccountEdge Single User but not in Network Edition. I checked the online FAQs and MYOB forum discussion board but didn’t find the solution I was looking for.

On a whim, I decided to run the Backup option in AccountEdge Single User to see whether that would facilitate the conversion. That did the trick. The Backup function creates a compressed .sit copy of the MYOB data file (same file extension but not identical to a Stuffit archive) that I could then import into Network Edition using the Restore function listed under the File menu.

After I restored the backup file, I selected the Open function in Network Edition and saw that I had two MYOB files on my host computer (my OS X server) and both were labeled with nearly identical filenames. I only needed and wanted one. The unneeded copy was an empty company file that I created when I installed MYOB on the server. Finding and deleting the extra file took a bit of investigative work. There is no ‘delete company file’ menu in AccountEdge NE. To discard company files you don’t want, drag them to the trash after you locate them from the Finder using the following path:

MYOB data folder viewed by the Finder



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2 responses to “Converting QuickBooks data to AccountEdge Network Edition

  1. Another thing you can do if you want your files to be easily viewed by the PC version (and therefore your CPA), is make sure to quit out of AccountEdge, go to the file location shown in our blog, and put a .myo at the end of the file name.

    Now, a PC user can open the file with MYOB Premier. CPAs can get a free copy if you are a registered AccountEdge user.

    Terri Zeh Jacobson

  2. Hha Hha nice tutorial

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