Mac equivalent to Microsoft Publisher?

From today’s mail bag:

I have a client who operates with a MAC and a PC – he runs a business that provides Homestay Opportunities for students here in the US and abroad. He’s a one-man shop, and a basic Computer user. He creates fliers using MS Publisher on the PC and loves this program – he knows how to use it – it is simple and straightforward. He uses the MAC mostly while traveling. He would give up the PC if he could find a way to produce these fliers on the MAC. The only thing he has tried on the MAC so far is Adobe InDesign (not sure where he got this) but it is far too complicated.

I found an article suggesting that Word 2008 for MAC can do all the same things that Publisher does. Is this true? If so, is it easy to convert the Publisher files over? However, he doesn’t own Word 2008 right now, so that would mean purchasing new software.

Please let me know if you have a recommendation for some simple Publisher type software on the MAC, or should he just stick with the PC for the fliers for now.



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13 responses to “Mac equivalent to Microsoft Publisher?

  1. Em_Que

    “Pages” does not even come CLOSE to Microsoft Publisher.

    I finally made the switch to Mac after being told that Pages is an equivalent to Publisher.

    I use Publisher daily at work and the Macbook purchase was a HUGE mistake… Pages is a complete JOKE!

    • admin

      While I would agree that Pages doesn’t live up to its billing, I wouldn’t say that buying the MacBook is necessarily a mistake, since you can run Windows and other operating systems on it.

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