Deleting a Mail account while saving its messages

From today’s mail bag:

What is the preferred way to delete an email account under Apple Mail (mail included with Tiger) without erasing all the email messages associated with the account? I know by default Apple Mail wants to delete all the messages associated with that account, which really throws us PC consultants off who are used to doing this under Outlook. I imagine there are several approaches to this, I am curious what seems to be the easiest.



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3 responses to “Deleting a Mail account while saving its messages

  1. One option is to run the Archive Mailbox procedure in Mail before deleting the account.

    Select Mailbox->Archive Mailbox, then choose the destination folder where you want to save the archive.

    Mail archives the mailboxes as .mbox packages. If you’ve already archived a mailbox, Mail does not overwrite the existing file but appends a number to the filename to create a new version of it. If you need to restore messages, you can import an archived .mbox file as “Mail for Mac OS X.”

    The limitation of the above procedure is that you can only archive one mailbox at a time. Using the Finder, you can back up all your messages and folders as a single zip archive (that you can later restore elsewhere). First, navigate to the Mail directory located in your personal Library folder:


    With the Mail folder highlighted, select the Compress function from the File menu (if you’re running Tiger, choose Create Archive).

    A third option is to use the shareware program called Email Backup Pro ($10) that is compatible with both Tiger and Leopard and works with Mail, Entourage, and Eudora.

  2. i can’t seem to be able to delete or
    remove mac mail from mail server,

    • Orvo, can you provide a few details about the mail deletion problem, such as any error messages that appear onscreen? Also, knowing your version of Mac OS X and (Apple menu -> Mail -> About Mail) would provide a starting point in the troubleshooting process. I’m running Mail v3.5.

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