Switching from QuickBooks to MYOB AccountEdge

In an earlier post, I commented that once QuickBooks Pro 6 has been started on a Mac running OS X 10.5, the QuickBooks menu bar will eventually stop responding to mouse clicks. After entering my day’s list of check and credit card transactions, I end up having to manually quit the program using the standard keyboard shortcut (Command-Q).

I obtained my licensed copy of QuickBooks Pro 6 over four years ago, and the developer (Intuit) no longer offers software updates for this application. When approaching Intuit about the best way to resolve this type of problem, I’m usually given the option to either upgrade to the current release (QuickBooks 2007) or switch to the Windows version and run it on my Mac using a virtual machine application like Parallels.

Not wanting to do either, I decided to pursue a different tact: Use MYOB AccountEdge 8 as my accounting program instead of QuickBooks. Unlike Intuit, MYOB provides the same feature set in its Mac and Windows applications.

During my switchover, I used MYOB’s conversion utilities to convert my QuickBooks data file to the new format. The conversion normally takes two steps: First, run the QuickBooks Conversion Assistant after downloading the free utility.

MYOB QB Conversion Completed

Second, open the file in AccountEdge 8 and allow the program to upgrade the file so it can be used by the application.

Upgrade the file for use in AccountEdge 8

Successful conversion to AccountEdge 8

If you’re running OS X 10.5 and encounter an “Upgrade Assistant is unable to process the company file” error when opening the converted file in AccountEdge 8, manually upgrade the file using the Upgrade Assistant utility located in the MYOB AccountEdge 2008 directory.

Unable to process file error

It will take a bit of an adjustment to become comfortable with using MYOB AccountEdge, but after a short while, I expect that I’ll be a much happier and more productive user.



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9 responses to “Switching from QuickBooks to MYOB AccountEdge

  1. Megan Hanwell

    HI, Do you still have a copy of the conversion utility you used? The link appears to be broken. Please contact me at meganhanwell@gmail.com

  2. admin

    Modified link so that QB Conversion installer should download.

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