Frustrations using QuickBooks for Mac

Cutting and pasting from one data file to another using the same application is a ubiquitous task that we take for granted. So, for that matter, is exporting data from one application to another.

Much to my chagrin, I recently encountered a situation at a client’s home where neither of these functions could be performed using the tools available in QuickBooks Pro 2007 for the Mac, the accounting application developed and sold by Intuit.

My customer had gotten herself in a situation where there was a gap of three weeks in her QuickBooks check registry. I found those missing transactions in a backup file. Unfortunately, Intuit doesn’t provide menus or tools that allow users to easily merge or copy and paste transactions between two QuickBooks files. You need to purchase an add-on product to obtain that feature. To resolve the issue, I ended up instructing my customer to reenter each missing transaction into the master file using my printout that I generated from the backup file.

Based on feedback that I’ve received from other consultants and QuickBooks users, QuickBooks for Windows has a much more extensive feature set and is easier to use. Amazingly, the only data QuickBooks for the Mac allows you to export to an application other than QuickBooks for Windows are lists, budgets, and a chart of accounts. As a Mac user, I suggest that you consider either of these two options:

Buy QuickBooks for Windows, convert your Mac data files into the Windows version, and run QuickBooks under Parallels, VMware Fusion, CrossOver, or BootCamp. Unless you choose to run CrossOver, you will also need to install Windows XP or Vista in your virtual machine application in order to run QuickBooks for Windows on your Mac.

Buy MYOB and either create a company profile from scratch or use MYOB’s free QuickBooks® Conversion Assistant to facilitate the data conversion.

MYOB QuickBooks Converter



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2 responses to “Frustrations using QuickBooks for Mac

  1. We are an all mac environment and we are running Quick Books Pro 2008 on a virtual machine using VMFusion and Windows XP. We are having numerous issues with our data. Opening the same file from 2 different machines and each reading different data. Have you heard of this? Seen this? Is there an easier way to run QB Pro other than VMFusion with Windows XP?

    • As you undoubtedly know, the Windows and Mac versions of QuickBooks Pro are not identical and the Windows version has a richer and more complete feature set. What version of Fusion are you running: version 1 or 2? Have you looked at running Windows under Parallels or BootCamp? Is your installed copy of Windows XP updated with Service Pack 2 or higher? Also, what OS is running on your QuickBooks host: Tiger or Leopard?

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