Unable to access .mac email

During most of the workday, I was unable to access my dot mac messages using Mail.app or a web portal like mail2web.com. Others reported similar problems with their .mac account.

I checked my console log and found the following two entries:

6/2/08 10:22:13 AM Mail[1837] [leopardserver.sicem.com] Binding to server did not complete successfully: ‘-1:Can’t contact LDAP server’

6/2/08 2:56:44 PM Mail[2502] IPCClient: Server port 0 is invalid; looking it up again…

At around 8pm PDT, the outage cleared up and I regained normal access to dot mac. It’s likely that Apple’s mail server was undergoing some type of system maintenance. Rumor sites speculate that Apple may be upgrading dot mac in anticipation of a product announcement in the not too distant future. Stay tuned.


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Filed under Apple Software, Troubleshooting

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